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Amid the recent deluge of hyper –technique oriented bass solo albums, veteran Los Angeles bassist Doug Ross chooses instead to showcase his compositional and stylistic range on his self-titled debut disc as a bandleader.  Nearly two dozen of L.A.’s top session players lend their talents to a broad range of vocal and instrumental tracks, evoking comparisons to Tower of Power funk, Oscar Peterson Trio jazz, even anthemic rock on the instrumental closing number (featuring the amazing Brett Garsed on guitar).  Doug’s bass playing shines as well, both in a groove context and also in several melodic solo bass interludes. Now on sale for only $10 including free shipping!

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Track Listing

1. Who’s the Boss

Doug Ross-bass; Mike Shapiro-drums; Ross Bolton-guitar; Wes Crawford-percussion; Albert Wing-sax; Darryl Walker-vocals; Mark McMillen-keys

 2. Distractions

Doug Ross-bass, piccolo bass; Mike Shapiro-drums; Ross Bolton-guitar; Bill Brendle-keys; Carlos Arias-percussion; Darryl Walker-vocals, backing vocals; Marji Nelson Arias-backing vocals

 3. Unsettled

Doug Ross-bass, piccolo bass, additional percussion; Mike Shapiro-drums; Greg Ross-nylon guitar; Rue Phillips-vocals, backing vocals; Bill Brendle-keys; Carlos Arias-percussion; Chris Juergensen-electric guitar; Jessica Taylor Purse-backing vocals

 4. Osoban

Doug Ross-bass; Ron Kobayashi-piano; Chris Wabich-drums

 5. What Fortune Awaits

Doug Ross-bass

 6. The Acrobat

Doug Ross-bass, vocals; Mike Shapiro-drums; Ross Bolton-guitar; Bill Brendle-keys; Albert Wing-sax; Darryl Walker-backing vocals; Marji Nelson Arias-backing vocals; Carlos Arias-percussion

 7. Thanks

Doug Ross-bass; Mike Shapiro-drums; Bill Brendle-keys; Maurice Ramirez-electric guitar; Darryl Walker-vocals; Rick Musallam-acoustic guitar; Jessica Taylor Purse-backing vocals; Carlos Arias-percussion

 8. Freeway Captives

Doug Ross-too many basses; Mel Nelson-guest lunatic bass solo

 9. Long Time Coming

Doug Ross-bass, piccolo bass, percussion loops, percussion; Nicolas De Gaulejac-drums, percussion; Albert Wing-sax; Mark McMillen-keys; Ross Bolton-guitar

 10. Gravity

Doug Ross-electric upright bass; Leslie Lewis-vocals; Ron Kobayashi-piano; Chris Wabich-drums

 11. Thumb Twiddling

Doug Ross-bass; Nicolas De Gaulejac-drums, percussion

 12. Apollo

Doug Ross-bass, additional keys; Nicolas De Gaulejac-drums, percussion; Albert Wing-flute; Otmaro Ruiz-keys; Brett Garsed-guitar; Carlos Arias-percussion

 All songs composed, arranged and produced by Doug Ross ©2007 except for “Thanks” composed by Doug Ross/Kazuma Nishimura ©2001. 

© Doug Ross 2016